Friday, May 10, 2013

Trail Magic 5/10/2013

'Trail magic' is a term for unexpected surprises that people leave along the trail. I've had many conversations with hikers who have read about things like cookies hanging in a bag from a tree, someone handing out Snickers bars as hikers passed, or even a 6-pack of beer teathered in a cold stream where the trail crossed. Today I came to a red cooler and thought to myself that today would be my first trail magic! Unfortunately, when I opened the cooler, there were only empty cans. Oh well, I guess my trail magic has yet to come... 


  1. I hope you have many incidents of trail magic in your journey! My fingers are crossed that you find beer in a cold

  2. Hi Ad-

    I hope some trail magic is coming your way! If I only lived closer, I'd leave some goodies on the trail for you. BTW- I can always MAIL you some trail magic-and I'll even accept special requests! Just let me know.....

    (Probably won't be able to send cold beer, or any beer at all though, for that matter!)

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!