Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reptiles & Rodents 5/1/2013

I came around a bend on the trail yesterday and found this guy (or girl) in my way. I didn't get close enough to try to identify it, but I wish it had been around this morning when a mouse decided to drop from the ceiling on to my pillow while I was sleeping at the Cable Gap shelter. I usually tent instead of staying in the shelters, but one of my tent poles broke the other day, so I'll have to fix it soon or live with the mice for a while!


  1. Oh Adam! sorry, Im laughing because thats exactly what we talked about....the mouse, I mean. I guess its just all part of the great outdoors. Well, you are there with real mice and we are here with the big mouse and missing you lots. Let me know where I should send a small care package for you when I get back. Big hugs

  2. Im so surprised to hear about your tentpole because thats such a good tent! I hope you can get a replacement. I guess thats one of those plan b or plan c situations.