Saturday, May 18, 2013

Images from Hot Springs, NC 5/11/2013

The AT symbols that line the sidewalks are unique to Hot Springs as the trail runs right through town.

I had a chance to visit the natural hot springs that gave the town its name.

In a 104 degree spring-fed tub at Hot Springs Resort with Blastoise, Ketchup, a couple whose names I can't remember, Lost and Wings.

Rafting companies that take trips down the French Broad.

Breakfast appetizer at Smoky Mountain Diner.


  1. Thanks for all these pictures!
    Please dont hike with Lost, ok?
    I always thought that hot springs were in a naturally formed pool or rocky area, not a hot tub! But, still, it looks like fun, especially with a group of people with so much in common....must have felt good on the muscles.

  2. That little breakfast appetizer is something you never would have touched a few years ago, but I guess it counts as major carbs!

  3. I hope 'Lost' has a map on hand at all times.

    1. Megan and I enjoy reading all your posts. Keep them coming and keep up the good work.